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About HyperPo: Text Analysis and Exploration Tools

HyperPo: What is it?

HyperPo is a user-friendly text exploration and analysis program. Its fundamental objective is to close the gap, created by traditional text analysis tools, between an original text and data generated about that text. It accomplishes this by creating hypertextual links between different representations of the text. The following is a list of some of its key features:

HyperPo: For whom?

A high priority for HyperPo is to combine user-friendliness, flexibility and power. Its designed with both the beginner and expert in mind, exploiting such features as dynamic menus and context-sensitive help. Moreover, it's meant to be used not only by computer-assisted text-analysis critics but also by any reader interested in exploring various quantitative aspects of a text.

HyperPo: By whom?

HyperPo was initially designed and written by Stéfan Sinclair. Since its first version in 1996 it has undergone innumerable changes and improvements, partly due to features introduced by newer versions of browsers. The program is now moving into an "open-source" phase where it is hoped that collaboration will bring about more improvements and features (see the wish-list in the section below). If you're interest in helping out, please contact us.

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